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Jasbar´s Music

Jasbar’s music theater productions are speculative, often eclectic stories in postmodern space, time travels of those who have fallen out of life. A puppet maker who finds his creations creepy, an abbot in 2276 who finds a diary, a group of teenagers escaping from a slumber party, the Minister of Pleasant Appearances who never misses an intrigue. Terribly sad, if it weren’t so funny – and vice versa.

Who is Helmut Jasbar?

Guitarist and composer Helmut Jasbar has found an international audience for his music. Albums and concerts – from Bach premiere recordings to traditional repertoire to modern improvisation –, have taken Helmut Jasbar to four continents so far. Jasbar’s guitar music has been interpreted worldwide by a wide variety of guitarists (including David Russell) both in concerts and on many albums. A performance at “Leo Brouwer’s Guitar Festival” in Havana, Cuba, was met with “standing ovations” and received tremendous critical acclaim. Concerts of Jasbar were broadcast by ORF, but also by German and American radio stations. Currently, the musician and composer lives and works in Vienna. His works are published by Edition Margaux (Berlin), Helbing Verlag (Innsbruck), Stradivari (Italy) and Bosworth (Cologne, London).

His works for musical theater were premiered at the Theater an der Wien and the Landestheater Linz, among others.


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