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Five String Pinocchio

The Adamas Quartet and Helmut Jasbar

Claudia Sturm, 1st violin

Roland Herret, 2nd violin

Anna Dean, viola

Jakob Gisler, violoncello

Helmut Jasbar, guitar, moderation

The award-winning Adamas Quartet, founded in 2003 and known for their precise playing and passionate interest in and commitment to contemporary music, and guitarist and Ö1 presenter Helmut Jasbar make music together in the style-free zone. Classical, jazz, folk, chamber music, world and improvisation are mixed into an independent sound with joy of playing, perfection and passion. This results in musical entertainment on a very personal level; music without borders, but still full of logic, communicative and polished chamber music. Jasbar presents and talks his head off.

Credit Julia Wesely

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